Membership Categories

African Governments

African Governments are the foundational members of AAPAM. Through their annual subventions, logistical and facilities supports like hosting of AAPAM programmes, events and activities, they continually champion professionalization in the continent. The Government of Kenya in addition, hosts the AAPAM Secretariat in Nairobi and provides the Secretariat infrastructural support, logistics and diplomatic goodwill. Further, they form, operationalize and host the national chapters.

National Chapters

AAPAM Members promote the objectives of the Association at the country level through National Chapters. The Chapters are AAPAM’s country level organs to champion the mission of the Association. The National Chapters constitutions are in consonance with the AAPAM constitution and executive officers. They are hosted and operated by African government institutions. Members are encouraged to link up with their National Chapters.

Corporate Membership

AAPAM Corporate members are drawn from public and private institutions. Corporate Membership is an affiliation opportunity for fostering professionalism in interested African and global institutions including Management Development Institutes (MDI’s), universities and higher learning institutions government semi-autonomous agencies (parastatals), ministries, state departments, commissions, corporate and civil society institutions.

Individual Membership

African Practitioners, academicians, researchers, and other interested persons fall in this category of membership.  Our Individual members are drawn from individuals in the public and private sector managers, administrators from the managerial cadres to the topmost level including, management consultants, academics and young professionals in Africa. All other individuals who interested in the public good are encouraged to join. Joining AAPAM grants individual members a platform for career growth.

Student Membership

Undergraduate and Post- graduate Students are also encouraged to join the Association at subsidized rates. This membership offers students opportunity to strengthen their attitudes, skills and knowledge in preparation for their career journey. 

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