AAPAM organizes an Annual Roundtable Conference held in various countries across the continent. The Association also holds other conferences focusing on current critical issues in African public administration and management in order to increase the knowledge and skills of policy-makers and all stakeholders across the continent. The conferences are international platforms for sharing knowledge, networking and championing a common agenda towards development in Africa. They bring together delegates from various countries across Africa, including: Ministers; High-level public functionaries drawn from Executive, Legislative and Judicial Arms of Government; Heads of national planning ministries/agencies/offices/commissions, Renowned academics and researchers; Civic leaders (from NGOs and Civil Society organisations); Representatives from banks and financial institutions, industry, donor agencies, United Nations, the African Union, and other international organisations. 

These conferences have been held every year since 1978 in a different African Countries.


1. AUGUST - 1978                

                VENUE: Freetown, Sierra Leone                  

                THEME: African Public Services: Prospects for t he 1980's

2. AUGUST - 1979            

                VENUE: Nairobi, Kenya 

                THEME: A Profile of the African Public Service in the 1980's

3. SEPTEMBER - 1980     

                VENUE: Victoria, Seychelles       

                THEME: African Public Services and Public Policy in the1980's

4. DECEMBER - 1981       

                VENUE: Salisbury, Zimbabwe     

                THEME: Personnel Development Management and Utilisation in a Performance Oriented African Public Service in the 1980's

5. NOVEMBER - 1983     

                VENUE: Arusha, Tanzania            

                THEME: The Changing Ecology of Public Administration and Management in Africa

6. DECEMBER -1984        

                VENUE: Blantyre, Malawi            

                THEME: Public Enterprises Versus Privatisation: Which Way For Africa

7. DECEMBER - 1985       

                VENUE: Accra, Ghana    

                THEME: Food Crisis in Africa: Policy & Management Issues

8. DECEMBER - 1986       

                VENUE: Maseru, Lesotho            

                THEME: Policy and Management Issues in the Transport Sector

9. DECEMBER - 1987       

                VENUE: Gaborone, Botswana   

                THEME: African Crisis, Structural Adjustment and Impact on Responses by Public Administration                                               and Management in Africa

10. NOVEMBER -1988    

                VENUE: Kampala,Uganda            

                THEME: Human Resource Development and Employment: Policy and Management Issues

11. DECEMBER - 1989     

                VENUE: Victoria, Seychelles

                THEME: Towards Enhancing Entrepreneurship in African Public and Private Sectors

12. DECEMBER - 1990     

                VENUE: Abuja, Nigeria  

                THEME: Mobilising the Informal sector and NGO's for Recovery Development: Policy and Management Issues

13. DECEMBER - 1991     

                VENUE: Mbabane, Swaziland    

                THEME: Ethics and Accountability in African Public Services

14. DECEMBER -1992      

                VENUE: Arusha, Tanzania            

                THEME: Managing Science and Technology Policy in Africa

15. JANUARY - 1994       

                VENUE: Banjul, The Gambia       

                THEME: Political Pluralism and Good Governance in Africa: Implications for the Public Service

16. NOVEMBER - 1994   

                VENUE: Nairobi, Kenya 

                THEME: Mobilisation and Utilisation of Resources for Effective Performance in the Public Service

17. MARCH - 1996           

                VENUE: Cairo, Egypt      

                THEME: Civil Service Reform in Africa: Past Experiences and Future Trends

18. MARCH -1997            

                VENUE: Nairobi, Kenya 

                THEME: Decentralisation as a Principle of Democratic Governance in Africa: Issues and Options

19. NOVEMBER - 1997   

                VENUE: Gaborone, Botswana   

                THEME: Preparing African Public Administration and Management for the 21st Century

20. NOVEMBER - 1998   

                VENUE: Nairobi, Kenya 

                THEME: Public -Private Sector Partnership: the Path to Africa's Accelerated Development

21. NOVEMBER - 1999   

                VENUE: Kampala,  Uganda          

                THEME: Quality Management Assurances in Africa

22. NOVEMBER - 2000   

                VENUE: Victoria, Seychelles       

                THEME: Good Governance in Africa

23. MARCH - 2002           

                VENUE:  Abuja, Nigeria 

                THEME: Managing Change in a Globalizing Economy

24. NOVEMBER - 2002   

                VENUE: Maseru, Lesotho            

                THEME: The African Public Service in the 21st Century

25. APRIL - 2004               

                VENUE: Banjul, The Gambia       

                THEME: The Role of Public Service in Poverty Reduction Strategies: Challenges and Solutions

26. MARCH - 2005           

                VENUE: Mombasa, Kenya           

                THEME: The Enabling State and the Role of the Public Service in Wealth Creation: Problems and Strategies for Development in Africa

27. DECEMBER - 2005     

                VENUE: Livingstone, Zambia      

                THEME: Harnessing the Partnership of the Public and Non-State Sectors for Sustainable Development and Good Governance in Africa: Problems. and the Way Forward

28. DECEMBER -  2006    

                VENUE: Arusha, Tanzania            

                THEME: Towards an Effective Delivery of Public Services in Africa

29. SEPTEMBER - 2007   

                VENUE: Mbabane, Swaziland    

                THEME: Political and Managerial Leadership for Change and Development in Africa

30. OCTOBER - 2008        

                VENUE: Accra, Ghana    

                THEME: Enhancing the Performance of the Public Service in a Developmental State

31. SEPTEMBER - 2009   

                VENUE: Nairobi, Kenya 

                THEME: The World Economic Crisis: Challenges to the African Public Administration Systems

32. NOVEMBER - 2010   

                VENUE: Durban, South Africa    

                THEME: Repositioning the African Public Services for the Realization of National Visions

33. NOVEMBER - 2011   

                VENUE: Lilongwe, Malawi           

                THEME: Strengthening Citizen Engagement through Decentralization to Enhance Public Service Delivery in Africa

34. NOVEMBER -  2012  

                VENUE: Zanzibar, Tanzania         

                THEME: Performance Management for Improving Public Service Delivery in Africa

35. NOVEMBER -  2013  

                VENUE: Kigali, Rwanda 

                THEME: Quality Leadership for Effective and Efficient Management of Public Service in Africa

36. MARCH - 2015           

                VENUE: Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco      

                THEME: Effective Partnerships for Citizen Centred Sustainable Development

37. MARCH - 2016

                VENUE: Lusaka, Zambia

                THEME: Transforming Public Administration and Management (PAM) in order to contribute towards the Agenda 2063 within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals”.

38. NOVEMBER - 2017   

                VENUE: El Jadida, Kingdom of Morocco 

                THEME: A Transformed Leadership: Managing National Resources to achieve the objectives of Africa Agenda 2063 and Sustainable Development Goals

39. NOVEMBER -  2018  

                VENUE: Gaborone, Botswana   

                THEME: Innovation, Resourcefulness, Integration and Inclusivity; Fundamentals for the Transformation of Governance and Public Administration in Africa to achieve the Agenda 2063 and Sustainable Development Goals.

40. DECEMBER - 2019     

                VENUE: Cairo, Egypt      

                THEME: Transforming Institutions in Africa for Sustainable Development.