Corporate Members

AAPAM Corporate members are drawn from public and private institutions. Corporate Membership is an affiliation opportunity for fostering professionalism in interested African and global institutions including Management Development Institutes (MDI’s), universities and higher learning institutions government semi-autonomous agencies (parastatals), ministries, state departments, commissions, corporate and civil society institutions among others. 
Some of our corporate members are: 
  • Kenya School of Government- Kenya 
  • Kenyatta University- Kenya 
  • Uganda Management Institute (UMI) - Uganda 
  • State Department for Public Service- Kenya 
  • The National School of Government- South Africa 
  • Lesotho Institute of Administration- Lesotho 
  • National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA)- Zambia 
  • School of Public Management and Administration (SPMA)- University of Pretoria - South Africa 
  • Centre of Specialization in Public Administration and Management(CESPAM)- University of Botswana. 
  • Cabinet Office- Zambia 
  • Ghana Institute of Public Administration and Management (GIMPA) 
  • Department of Public Service Administration (DPSA)- South Africa 
  • Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA) - Rwanda 
  • Ministry of Public Service- Swaziland 
  • Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM) – Botswana 
  • Administrative Staff College of Nigeria – Nigeria 
  • Ministry of Public Service - Eswatini 
  • Ministry of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform- Egypt 
  • Ministery of Administration and the Civil Service, Morocco 
  • Office of the Chief Secretary - Malawi 
  • Office of the Head of Civil Service, Ghana

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