Young Professional Network (YPN)
Young Professional Network (YPN)

The YPN is a mentorship platform for young public/civil service professionals. It is composed of young public/civil service professionals (who have joined the public/civil service in the last five years and are 40 years and below). This Network is a civil/public service progression initiative to nurture the youth for the posterity of the continent. 

The Network champions the youth agenda in the continent. Its main objectives are:


§  To provide and maintain a forum for Young Professionals (YPs) coming from different countries, all over Africa, to exchange ideas, share experiences and best practices in public administration and management.

§  To enhance the possibility of greater inter-generational transfer and sharing of knowledge and experience between Young Professionals and Senior delegates attending AAPAM’s annual Roundtable Conference.

§  To induct new members sponsored by AAPAM’s development partners and nurture members into dedicated, committed and resourceful members of the AAPAM Chapters.

§  To promote research and facilitate dissemination of research findings on African administrative and management problems.

§  To ensure and achieve continuity in the deliberations/actions of Young Professionals.

§  To network with other international organizations having objectives similar to the AAPAMYPN.  To foster creativity and innovativeness among AAPAMYPs.

Officials of the Young Professional Network 2019-2021


Chairperson: Ms. Rita Osei

Assistant Director

Cabinet Secretariat Office of the President Ghana



Deputy Chairperson:  Mr. TumeloSelowane

Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation




Representative West Africa:  Mr. John Aloma

Senior ICT / Policy Analyst

Cabinet Secretariat Office of the President (Government of Sierra Leone)



Representative East Africa: Mr. Rajab Lukwago

Uganda Virus Research Institute



Representative Southern Africa: Mr. Maribe Mamabolo

Deputy Director Department of Public Service and Administration- South Africa (DPSA)



Secretary of the YPNEC: Ms. Naphtaly Kgomotsego

Principal Administration Officer Industrial Court - Botswana


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