Women in African Public Service Network (WAPAN)
Women in African Public Service Network (WAPAN)

The vision of WAPAN is to promote diversity and gender approach in the African public administration and management. It a network for all Women in the public sector. It is new network recently launched in the AAPAM 37thAnnual Roundtable Conference in Zambia. The Network has held successful plenary sessions in the 38th, 39th and 40th Roundtable conferences in Morocco, Botswana and Egypt respectively. The network aims at: 

  • Supporting, promoting mutual value for women. 
  • Giving women and women leaders the opportunity to develop their own resources and their potential 
  • Strengthening women's leadership and their negotiating skills, communication, conflict management, mediation, advocacy... 
  • Develop skills (knowledge, know-how to act and how to behave) for active participation in the process of decision-making within their families, their communities and their societies... 
  • Providing an opportunity for women to develop their power of action at the global, continental, national, regional, local level 
  • Creating a platform for exchanging and sharing experiences 
  • Breaking barriers of all kinds inter-cultural and intra-cultural exchange 
  • Utilizing available platforms like ICT to foster gender equity 

 The network activities will be streamlined with those of the National chapters as recommended in the 40th Roundtable Conference in Cairo, Egypt.