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National chapters may be formed in line with AAPAM mandate and objectives. Members of the Association in each country shall establish a national chapter whose aim shall be to promote at national level the objectives of the Association.

The following are the conditions for recognizing a national chapter:

  • There are at least 20 individual members, one corporate member, all financially up-to-date.
  • There are rules for the selection of officers and control of finance.
  • There are at least two activities per year including a seminar preparatory to the AAPAM Annual Roundtable Conference.
  • The Chapter accepts responsibility for collecting and transmitting all dues of the national members to the Secretary-General.
  • Recognition can be withdrawn by Council if in its opinion the national chapter is not operating according to the rules or for failing to meet the objectives of AAPAM.
  • The management of the chapters shall be carried out by structures such as the General Assembly, Executive Committee or Secretariat, or their equivalent.
  • A Permanent Secretary or the equivalent serves as the representative of the Head of Public or Civil Service of that country on the Executive Committee of the chapter in an ex-officio capacity.
  • The Chapter provides for a dispute resolution mechanism within its internal administrative framework.

AAPAM has at the country level National Chapters which are like its branches. There are National Chapters in many African countries including;






South Sudan

More member countries have launched campaigns to increase their membership to 20 individual members and one corporate member being the minimum numbers necessary for the formation of a national chapter.

Every year, some of the above named National Chapters among them Nigeria, Uganda, Cameroon and Lesotho hold seminars/workshops ranging from 1-3 days involving public servants, university and college students, professionals, business people and local communities. They also hold day seminars; observe the Africa Day of Administration and the Civil service every 23rd of June.

The Uganda and the Cameroon chapters of AAPAM, in particular have offices and employs fulltime Administrative Staff to coordinate the activities of their chapters. These Chapters are planning the publication of Journals and Newsletters.