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AAPAM’s Awards program was launched in 2005 and consists of five categories of awards:

  • AAPAM Gold Medal,

  • AAPAM Award for Innovative Management,

  • AAPAM Award for Outstanding Contribution to Knowledge in Public Administration and Management,

  • AAPAM Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Public Administration in Africa

  • AAPAM Award for Best Student Essay.

The awards recognize persons and institutions in the public service that have made outstanding contributions in the field of Public Administration and Management in Africa. They also aim to set standards of excellence for others to aspire and enhance the image of Public Sector as a worthy domain for career pursuits.

The awards are usually supported by individuals and organizations who undertake to promote innovation in the continent

AAPAM Gold Medal

The Gold Medal Award marks the exceptional achievement of an individual who has shown distinctive leadership or has made a significant contribution to the advancement of excellence in public administration and management in Africa. Awarded biennially, the AAPAM Gold Medal is the highest honour accorded by AAPAM to outstanding public service. With previous support from CIDA through IPAC programming, three gold medals were developed by the Canadian Mint (a 14-carat minted Gold Medal).

Gold Medal Past Winners
  • Najat Zarrouk (Kingdom of Morocco), in 2018

  • Amb. Francis Muthaura (Kenya), in 2015 

  • Professor Malcolm Wallis (South Africa), in 2011

  • Professor Gelase Rwabyo Mutahaba (Tanzania), in 2009
  • Professor Adebayo Adedeji (Nigeria), in 2007

AAPAM Award for Innovative Management

Whereas the AAPAM Gold Medal is an award for Individual achievement, the Innovative Management Award is to recognize organizational achievement. It is intended to encourage creative managerial initiatives in Public Administration and Management in Africa. Entries’ are judged by a jury on fve categories: Innovation, Relevance, Signifcance, Sustainability and Replication.
It is awarded annually and usually currently supported by willing donors, organizations and individuals

Innovative Management Past Winners (Gold Medal)

  • Egypt- Egyptian Birth and Death Registration System (EBDRS), (2018)
  • Rwanda- Judiciary of Rwanda (2017)
  • Kenya – Ministry of Devolution and Planning Huduma Center (2015)
  • Kenya – Ministry of State for Defence, “Diesel Powered DEFTEC Made Mobile Field Kitchen (DMMFK)” (2012)
  • South Africa- Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), “Result Slip Scanning Project” (2011)
  • Tanzania- Tanzania Revenue Authority, Planning and Modernization Programme Unit, “Integration of TRA Operations” (2010).
  • Rwanda- Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration, National Security Services, “Online Visa Entry” (2009).
  • Tanzania- Tanzania Investment Centre, -“Investment Document, Facilitation Records Management Systems” (2008).
  • South Africa -South African Police Service- “Community Service Centre” (2007)