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Publications and Literature on Public Administration and Management

Through consultancy and research, roundtable conferences, seminars and workshops, AAPAM has published literature on diverse topical areas including the recent publication on “Citizen Engagement, Decentralization and Service Delivery in Africa”. Literature can be accessed at AAPAM Resource Centre; this is freely available to members for research activities and utilization.

Providing a knowledge hub in Africa

AAPAM has successfully established a Resource Centre that provides its members and non-members with current, relevant and useful publications on diverse topical areas in leadership, governance, public administration and management domains amongst others. These publications are prepared as a result of consultancy and research, roundtable conferences, seminars and workshop, etc. The Centre provides an ideal spectrum wealth of knowledge by bringing together the works of experts, practitioners, scholars, and academics who conduct research in various areas.Housed at the Secretariat offices, the Resource Centre is open to all during the secretariat office hours. Individuals may also access the resource center details online via our website.

Promotion of Recognition of Innovation in Africa’s Public Sector.

AAPAM’s awards have become a focal point in the calendar of public administrators in Africa and have seen an increase in prestige and recognition since their inception.

Encouraging Cross-Generational Transfer of Knowledge and Skills in Africa Public Sector.

Since the programme began in 2006, over 100 Young Professionals have been facilitated to attend high level public sector conferences and forums. The participation of the young professionals has also helped to provide a valuable forum for the professionals, who are tomorrow’s leaders, to interact with their Heads and Administrators of Public Service on a one on one level, an opportunity which is as valuable as it is rare.

Facilitating Formation of International and Continental Networks and Associations
  • The African Management Development Institutes Network (AMDIN) – 2005
  • The Association of African Public Services Commissions (AAPSC) – 2008
  • The African Public Sector Human Resource Managers Network (APS-HRMnet) – 2009
Promoting African Development

AAPAM is among the few Trans-Africa organizations that promote the agenda of the African Union (AU) and NEPAD for Africa’s development. AAPAM brings together African experts and professionals to discuss Africa’s development challenges. It has contributed towards development of highly qualified African professionals in Public Administration and Management.

Advancing Gender Mainstreaming Policies

AAPAM is committed to achieving gender mainstreaming together with its partners and members. To this end, the Association has developed a gender policy that aims at promoting gender equality and equity through its programmes, projects, systems and activities.



The Roundtable conference brings together senior African government officials to:

  1. Enhance their knowledge of international best practices and awareness of global socio-economic successes, challenges and lessons learned
  2. Enhance their knowledge of international best practices and awareness of global socio-economic successes, challenges and lessons learned
  3. Enhance the profile of the public service within governments and the public
  4. Develop public sector networks and public service delivery.

The AAPAM Roundtable has been held every year since 1978 in a different location. Approximately 400 participants attend the conference from various countries across Africa, including:

  1. Ministers; High-level public functionaries drawn from Executive, Legislative and Judicial Arms of Government
  2. Heads of national planning ministries/agencies/offices/commissions, Renowned academics and researchers
  3. Civic leaders (from NGOs and Civil Society organisations)
  4. Representatives from banks and financial institutions, industry
  5. Leaders from the private sector
  6. United Nations, the African Union, and other regional groupings.

AAPAM holds workshops and seminars aimed at increasing knowledge and skills of senior level policy-makers across the continent. The seminars and workshops focus on topical issues affecting the African Public Service.

The National Chapters also hold seminars and workshops ranging from 1-3 days involving public servants, university and college students, professionals, business people and local communities. They also hold day seminars, and observe the Africa Day of Administration and the Civil service every 23rd of June.