What is AAPAM Young Professional Network (YPN)

African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) recognized that development of any country, whether in the private or public sector, heavily hinges on the link between the senior management and younger employees. The implementation of any public/civil service development agenda relies heavily on proper successive management which entails wholesome empowerment of the middle level civil servants, mainly consisting of the young and youthful workforce. These middle managers are the leaders of tomorrow, hence proper integration into the operation systems cannot be overlooked.

AAPAM established the Young Professionals Network (YPN) on the 4th of September 2006 as a programme to cater for young professionals who had just joined the public/civil service. This network aims at inducting and fully integrating them into public administration and management as future leaders. The Network intends to forge a link between the older more experienced public sector managers and the younger generations of public servants. This link is achievable through capacity building, networking and mentorship programmes, which are vital for maintaining continuity in the effective public service performance geared towards national goals of sustainable development. YPN members meet regularly at special session at AAPAM’s Annual Roundtable Conference. In addition to

the Annual Conference, YPN members also meet at the national chapter level and initiate programmes.

AAPAM plans to hold the first YPN Conference in 2014 as part of succession planning and mentorship.

YPN Membership (who can join YPN)

Membership fee to join YPN is USD$100 this is paid annually

1. Any individual below the age of 35, with less than 5 years of experience in the public/ civil

service and whose profession and activities can help to contribute towards achieving the

objectives of the Network shall be eligible to join the Network. High integrity and with strong

public service values

2. Individuals from an organization which is a Corporate member of AAPAM, the organization may

endorse individuals to the Network

3. Individual members of AAPAM who demonstrate outstanding attributes but not affiliated to AAPAM Corporate members

4. Any person sponsored by the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation or any other

organization to attend any AAPAM Roundtable Conference shall automatically become a

member of the Network.

The Network shall maintain an updated register of the members indicating the name, profession,

country and date of the member’s admission to the Network. The register shall be available for

inspection by members upon written request

Structure of the AAPAMYPN

The Network consists of an Executive Committee whose members are elected after every three years

and may be re-elected into office for not more than 2 terms. They Executive Committee is to work

together with the AAPAM Secretariat to determine the general direction of the network and have

programs implemented and the objectives achieved after necessary consultations with the AAPAM

Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall, while ensuring equal gender representation, be constituted as follows:

• A Chairperson;

• A Deputy Chairperson;

• 3 Members;

• A representative of the AAPAM Executive Committee;

• And any other officer whose expertise might be necessary, to be coopted, as and when required

YPN Objectives (what we do) succession training the future of AAPAM

• To provide and maintain a forum for Young Professionals (YPs) coming from different countries, all over Africa, to exchange ideas, share experiences and best practices in public administration and Management.

• To enhance the possibility of greater inter-generational transfer and sharing of knowledge and experience between Young Professionals and Senior delegates attending AAPAM’s yearly Round Table Conference.

• To induct new members sponsored under the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation and nurture existing members into dedicated, committed and resourceful members of the AAPAM Chapters.

• To promote research and facilitate dissemination of research findings on African administrative and management.

• To ensure and achieve continuity in the deliberations/actions of Young Professionals.

• To network with other international institutions having objectives similar to the AAPAMYPN.

• To assist AAPAM in furthering its objectives.

• To foster creativity and innovativeness among AAPAMYPN members

Responsibilities of a YPN Member (now that you are a member, what we expect from you)

Once individuals become members of YPN, AAPAM expects them to participate in respective chapter activities as well as AAPAM activities, these include:

• Join with other YPN members to hold at least one activity under the national chapter

• Submit articles twice a year to be features in AAPAM Newsletter

• Attend AAPAM Roundtable conferences

• Engage with other YPN members on social network

• Hold a leadership position in the YPN executive committee at least once

AAPAM’s commitment to YPN

Once an individual joins the Network they are entitled to the following:

• Discounted rates to AAPAM activities* (*Full sponsorship may be offered subject to availability of funds

• Free copies of AAPAM Publications

• Facilitation of exchange programmes to enable individuals to visit other countries

• Provide an open forum for discussion between AAPAM Executive Committee, Secretariat, major stakeholders and YPN members

AAPAM welcomes you to the Young Professionals Network!!!!

AAPAM Account details are as follows:

AAPAM A/C FCY 1103297694

Kenya Commercial Bank

Milimani Branch

P.O. Box 69695, Nairobi

Tel: +254 20 2719433/2719434/2719470


Once a deposit is made kindly contact us. Any inquiries can be directed to:

The Secretary General

African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM)

UN Avenue Magnolia Close, 132 Fuchsia, Gigiri

P.O. Box 48677, 00100

Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254 20 2629650/+254 712 366787/+254 773552076

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