Mostly consist of high level public sector Managers, top Administrators in the Public Services, Management Consultants and Academics in Institutions of Higher Learning in Africa.


Membership Benefits


AAPAM Members enjoy the following general benefits among others:

  • Receive free copies of our publications i.e. Journal, Newsletter and Conference Report;
  • Are among the first to learn about cutting edge public administration theory and practice and continue to have access to research and our outstanding publications;
  • Exchange programmes which will enable them  to visit other countries in Africa and beyond and share learning experiences;
  • Get Involved, in accordance with required expertise in the Association’s consultancy activities, conferences and workshops;
  • Networking opportunities with their peers and leaders in the public service; 
  • Enhance their skills through regional and national events among others.


Membership Criteria

Any individual of good standing in his community whose profession and activities would serve to promote the interests of the Association shall be eligible to join as an Individual Member.  AAPAM shall maintain at the Secretariat, a register of the members indicating the name, and the date of the member’s admission to membership. Membership cards will be issued to paid up members. The register shall be available for the inspection by members upon written request. Membership fees for Individual members is USD$ 100

AAPAM Account is:

AAPAM A/C FCY 1103297694 

Kenya Commercial Bank 

Milimani Branch 

P.O. Box 69695, Nairobi 

Tel; +254 20 2719433/2719434, 2719470 

Fax: +254 20 2729942 



Rights of Individual Members 

(a)Individual members are entitled to participate in the deliberations of the Association, including conferences and workshops.

(b)Paid up members may attend annual roundtable conferences and participate in voting exercises.

(c)Paid up individual members are entitled to receive two issues of the journal (AJPAM) and three copies of the Newsletter 

Duties of Individual Members 

The Association may confer honorary membership and/or fellowship upon any individual who has made distinguished contribution to public administration and management in Africa. 

•Members will be expected to observe all their obligations under the Constitution by payment of the annual subscriptions and subventions at the beginning of every financial year

•Members will be expected to promote the objectives of the Association in every way, including the formation and promotion of National Chapters to advance the work of the Association in their respective countries.