The African Association For Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) is an International professional association for African Public administrators and managers. AAPAM members are a fraternity of people committed to human capacity building for development in Africa. The association gives a platform for articulation and dissemination of ideas on capacity building and development issues in the African region. AAPAM through its programmes acts as a bridge between the many parties involved in development policy management – the “thinkers and the doers”.

What is Public Administration?

According to UNDP, public administration has two closely related meanings:

  • The management and implementation of the whole set of government activities dealing with the implementation of laws, regulations and decisions of the Government and the management related to the provision of public services.
  • The aggregate machinery (policies, rules, procedures, systems, organizational structures, personnel and so forth) funded by the State budget and in charge of the management and direction of the affairs of the executive government, and its interaction with other stakeholders in the State, society and external environment;
    (United Nations Development Programme, Democratic Governance Group, Public administration practice note, Bureau for Development Policy, 2003) AAPAM embodies the two meaning to create a dynamic mandate.

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