Performance Management for Improving Public Service Delivery in Africa

Report of the 34th

Roundtable Conference of the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM)

Hosted by

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar

November 12th -16th 2012


The 34th Roundtable Conference held from 12th - 16th November 2012 in Zanzibar Tanzania focused on the Theme: “Performance Management for Improving Public Service Delivery in Africa”. The Conference theme reflects the reality in many parts the world, where citizens’ day-to-day engagement with government largely revolves around the delivery of public services. In Africa, more and more citizens are zealously putting governments to task and demanding results. Hence, improving public service delivery remains one of the greatest concerns of most governments in the contemporary society.  In assembling papers for presentation, AAPAM always invites the public to submit original works based on the Conference theme. The purpose of the worldwide ‘Call for Papers’ is to provide an open forum where researchers, practitioners and the general public can submit well researched original works. After a rigorous vetting process, selected papers are presented at the Conference and subsequently published into a report. The conference papers and discussions offered participants an in-depth comparative analysis drawn from diverse contexts. By creating such platforms for sharing knowledge and foster professionalism, AAPAM continues to stimulate and encourage research in administration and management discipline. This report is an account of the presentations at the 34th Roundtable Conference. It details conceptual and theoretical issues on performance management with reference to improving service delivery. It integrates the plenary discussions which offer practical questions of application and utility of performance management models. The raison d’être being to make a determination of what worked, what failed and for what reasons, as well as questioning what the future indicates for the efficacious application of the service delivery improvement interventions. The eclectic presentations in the report are as a result of research conducted in different African countries. It also contains presentations from other countries beyond Africa such as Korea and Canada. This Report is an important resource material to give guidance to policy makers, researchers, students and the general public.

Abdon Agaw Jok Nhial

AAPAM President

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