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Citizen Engagement in Africa

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AAPAM 34th Roundtable Conference

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African Journal of Public Administration and Management (AJPAM) Vol XXIII, No. 1 July- December 2013

AJPAM Contents

Foreword, Editor

  • Promoting Youth Employment Through Open Apprenticeship
  • Budgeting and Developmental Miscarriage in Nigeria
  • Towards Effective Budgeting, Development Planning and Execution in Nigeria: The Communal Tracking Approach
  • Effects of Motivation on Workers’ Job Commitment, Capital Formation and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria
  • Public Procurement: Both The Product And The Process Matters
  • Work Environment Determines Productivity
  • Adopting Innovation Strategies to Enhance Service Delivery:Implications for African Public Sector Institutions
  • Only a Fully Independent Electoral Body Can Mount Free and Fair Elections
  • The Demise of Co-op Movement In Lesotho and its Failure toTransform the Poor Peasantry




African Journal of Public Administration and Management (AJPAM) Vol XXII, No. 2 January 2013


AJPAM Contents

Foreword, Editor

  • Improving Public Service Delivery Through Decentralization
  • The African Peer Review Mechanism: A veritable Tool for Citizen Engagement to Improve Accountability in Decentralized Systems
  • Fiscal Decentralization In Kenya Through the Constituency Development Fund and Allocative Efficiency
  • Physical activity and Exercise: An Indispensable Factor for Archeiving Optimum Health in the 21st Century
  • Pay or Job Satisfaction? Explaining Turnover Intent of Nurses in Lesotho
  • Improved Education increases Preventive Healthcare
  • The Evolving Public Administration Scholarship in South Africa
  • Winning the War on Discriminatory Inheritance of Immovable Property in Lesotho
  • Poverty Alleviation through Micro-Credit
  • Women and Politics in Nigeria






African Journal of Public Administration and Management (AJPAM) Vol XXII, No. 1 January 2012

AJPAM Contents

Foreword, Editor

  • The Glass Ceiling Effect on Women's Leadership in the Kenyan Public Sector

- Obuya Bagaka and Muthoni Gachire

  • Are the Youth Corrupt? A Study of Ghanaian University Students.

- Justice Nyigmah Bawole

  • Adapting to Global Imperatives: Africa's Public Sector in Changing Times.

- Tunji Olaopa

  • Reforming Public Service Delivery in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia: Issues, Challenges and Future Prospects.

- Bezabih Bekele Tolla

  • Governance and International Image: The Case of Nigeria.

- Abdulrasheed A. Muhammad

  • Application of E-Governance in Enhancing Civil Service Management: Lessons from Bangladesh

- Mohammad Hamiduzzaman

  • The Ombudsman, Political Authority and Corruption: An International Survey of Recent Developments

- Najmul Abedin

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