Whereas the AAPAM Gold Medal is an award for Individual achievement, the Innovative Management Award is to recognize organizational achievement.  It is intended to encourage creative managerial initiatives in Public Administration and Management in Africa. Entries’ are judged by a jury on five categories: Innovation, Relevance, Significance, Sustainability and Replication.

It is awarded annually and usually currently supported willing donors, organizations and individuals 

Innovative Management Past Winners ( Gold medal ) 

  • South African Police Service, South Africa- “Community Service Centre” (2007).
  • Tanzania Investment Centre, Tanzania -“Investment Document, Facilitation Records Management Systems” (2008).
  • Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration, National Security Services, Rwanda- “Online Visa Entry” (2009).
  • Tanzania Revenue Authority, Planning and Modernization Programme Unit, Tanzania- “Integration of TRA Operations” (2010).
  • Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), South Africa- "Result Slip Scanning Project" (2011)
  • Ministry of State for Defence, Kenya – “Diesel Powered DEFTEC Made Mobile Field Kitchen (DMMFK)” (2012)