AJPAM Vol. XXV No. 1. July - Dec 2017

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AAPAM 37th Roundtable Conference

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AAPAM 82nd Newsletter

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Quality Leadership

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The Gold Medal Award marks the exceptional achievement of an individual who has shown distinctive leadership, or has made a significant contribution to the advancement of excellence in public administration and management in Africa.  Awarded bi-annually, the AAPAM Gold Medal is the highest honour accorded by AAPAM to outstanding public service.


With previous support from CIDA through IPAC programming, three gold medals were developed by the Canadian Mint (a 14 carat minted Gold Medal). 


Gold Medal Past Winners

•Professor Adebayo Adedeji (Nigeria), in 2007

•Professor Gelase Rwabyo Mutahaba (Tanzania), in 2009

•Professor Malcolm Wallis (South Africa), in 2011.